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We welcome you to our web-site and the friendly town of  Galaxidi. Inside these web-pages, you may find information concerning our  rental apartments, "Hirolakas".

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For any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us, thank you.

Rooms number: 07
  • Bed (two persons)
  • Bathroom (jacuzzi)
  • Refregirator 
  • Closets
  • A/C, TV, Central Heating (indipentent)
  • Balconies
  • Mini Breakfast 
  • Coffee (served in the room)
  • Wireless Internet
  • Great View and great space for Parking 
  • Our pension is situated nearby the sea, the central square, 
  • stores and  is very close to .... everything!


Our appartments are situated at Hirolakas , 

Galaxidi Fokidas Greece, PO 330 52

Telephones and E-mail address
Our telephones are :
+302265041170, +306936999327, +302265041371 (FAX)
E-mail :



Galaxidi .... the town!

Galaxidi belongs to the prefecture of Phocis and is built at the location of the ancient Oianthis, on a small peninsula surrounded by sea and different kinds of beaches.
It is located close to Delphi, so you can combine the love for the ancient history with a wonderful holiday in Galaxidi. Nevertheless, the visitor has the chance to admire the traditional houses, which gives him the impression that time stopped at the time of its blooming.

Do not forget to visit the museum which houses exhibits mainly of maritime themes and has also a superb collection of arms from the War of 1821.

Also do not forget to visit the Folk Museum in the city, housed in a unique building of Mr. Angeli.

Other places of interest are also the church of St. Nicholas, a unique art carved iconostasis, the church of Agia Paraskevi with the zodiac circle on the floor and a sundial in the courtyard, the Church of St. John of Damascus with an image of Damascinos, and the church of Prophet Elijah with the old icons.

At the city Park you will see two more monuments of antiquity: the Tomb of Locros, and the ruins of the ancient wall of Oianthi, which were built there.

The picturesque streets with the old but 
renovated mansions and others, will fill 
you with a sweet nostalgia for the past 
and will remind you that there where 
people maintain the traditional architecture 
of the place, you can not help but admire its 
superiority in comparison with the architecture
 of cities.

The jasmines and geraniums, which are 
scattered everywhere, will surely improve
 your mood, making you feel that you 
never want to leave. Of great beauty are
 also distinguishe the buildings of 
Tsalangyra, i.e. the City Hall,
 the Customs, the School for
 Girls and of course even the simplest
 houses, mainly neoclassical, that are 
renowned for their elegance and finesse.

And if you appreciate the view, you can 

go to the Abbey of Transfiguration, 
which is located three kilometres from
 Galaxidi. The route is beautiful as you 
walk through endless fields of olive trees
 and once you reach there, you will see
 the entire city in front of your eyes.

During your stay in Galaxidi do not forget 

to try the amazing seafood served in 
ouzo-shops and taverns where the prices 
are usually quite low.
Also try the famous ravani and the local
 almond sweet, which competes in 
sweetness with the sweetness of the town.

In terms of entertainment, you will find 

several bars if you choose to visit after 
winter. Otherwise, those are open, will 
reward you with a joyful spirit.

Galaxidi is a town of exceptional beauty and 

of nature. You should definitely visit as
 soon as possible to escape from the routine
 of everyday life and to understand how a city
 without actually having something unique or
 innovative to show, the love and the desire 
of the residents may amaze you so much that
 you will want to stay here  forever.

Maritime Museum of Galaxidi

The building that houses the museum was 
built in 1868-1870. In 1979 it was renovated,
 equipped and now houses the whole museum. 
In the two large halls there are items clustered
 related to the ships and the sea, having the 
title "Maritime Gallery".

Dr. Ef. Vlamis is the initiator and the founder 

of the gallery since 1928. Then, paintings 
collected of sailing ships, nautical instruments
 and figureheads which were the first 
material. From the gallery's exhibits the most 
remarkable are the paintings of the 
sailing ships, the carved figure heads 
of female forms, the navigational 
instruments, the ships' logs, the books
 of registry of Galaxidian caravans 
and the paintings of the painter and 
captain Peter Petrantza.

In a special showcase the 

"Chronicle of Galaxidi"is stored, 
which was published by K. N. Sathas
 in 1865.Museum Street, PO 33 052, 
Tel: +30 22650 41795, 41558
Fax: +30 2650 41954